Thursday, 14 July 2011

walking/cycling tours

The Mapping The Burbs walking/cycling tours project ( is an initiative of the Australian Institute of Architects as a part of the State of Design Festival. The Docklands tour has a couple of public art stop-offs, including Shoal Fly By by the artist/architect combo, Bellemo & Cat. The tour notes (sourced from the Bellemo & Cat website) describes it as a
'series of elemental, ghost-like sculptures.... Dynamic but consciously not monumental, the artists claim shoals of fish as their starting point: seemingly erratic, but driven by an underlying system of order'
Unfortunately the delicate forms and welds have been suffering in the exposed waterside location. I've noticed strands of the work gradually falling off over the last few years, and the work was fenced off earlier this year for 'minor repairs'.