Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lorne Sculpture Festival 2011

Centripetal, Matthew Harding
The Lorne Sculpture Festival opened on the weekend, providing a great opportunity to experience a very wide variety of work in a public setting. In between ducking for cover from the rain and applying sunscreen (it was that kind of day), we got these photos of our favourites. More information at It's on until the 6th November.

Red Sea Installation, Carmel Wallace
Nestings, Caroline Kennedy

The Pack, Dean Putting

Land Locked Camper, Jason Waterhouse

Fallen - Nightworker, Robbie Rowlands

Choices (Cntrl + Alt + Delete), Jud Wimhurst

Distress Signal, Joanne Mott (arranged kelp and seaweed)

Centripetal, Matthew Harding

Now and Then, Candy Stevens

Landings - Landlines - Songlines, Greg Johns

Landings - Landlines - Songlines, Greg Johns

Ear on Arm, Stelarc