Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Federation Bells

The Federation Bells (2001, designed by Anton Hasell and Neil McLachlan in collaboration with Swaney Draper Architects) are a collection of 39 upside-down bells that belt out some carillon-like tunes at designated time slots each day. They are located in Birrarung Marr, the riverside park in central Melbourne. The bells are currently not operational while they undergo a refurbishment. The sign on site notes that 'upon completion of the refurbishment, the Federation Bells will be a more reliable, dynamic and coherent musical instrument'. It reminds me that when I was riding past there late last year I thought I heard the bells ringing, but it was actually a gardener hammering in some metal star pickets nearby! My ears are clearly out of step with public opinion though.... the Federation Bells are one of the top ten pieces of public art in the world!
You can compose your own star picket sonata at the official bells website.