Sunday, 12 February 2012

sealight pavilion, docklands

I enjoy discovering new things in an otherwise familiar environment, and what better to come across on a Friday afternoon ride than some arty experimental pop-up architecture. Located on the waterfront near Shoal Fly By, one of my favourite seaside works (sadly, still fenced off - 'minor repairs' usually don't take a full year to complete!). It's constructed by architecture students from Monash University and sponsored by Places Victoria (the re-badged VicUrban).
It's interesting to ponder the differences between this and a pure arts project. Firstly, how many artists or arts students could collaborate in a group this size and come up with something so minimal and spare? The langauage and fashions of architecture are also very clearly present - jaunty angles that play with perspective, framed views, boxy structures, all made from reclaimed timber.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, there is an additional post regarding this work with more photos.