Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sealight Pavilion revisted

The people have spoken. It seems that a large majority of people who find this blog are interested in the original Sealight Pavilion post. Who am I to argue. I've been back to get more photos for you. Enjoy!

Also, since I was last there the timber has weathered significantly, which has taken away some of the crisp newness of the structures. The stark timber surfaces, especially those hidden away inside, have also become the target of grafitti of all kinds, with a good proportion of it phallic.

View of the structures from the east,
with Victoria Harbour and the Bolte Bridge in the background.

The view from inside the horizontal structure looking west over the water.

The horizontal structure includes a section cantilevered over the water,
with a slatted floor. The first time I entered,
 it caught me by surprise and induced a moment of panic. 

View east from within the horizontal structure.

External view of the horizontal structure, including cantilever over the water.

View of the structures from the water edge, with stadium and city beyond.

The view up the tapering chimney of the vertical structure.