Thursday, 3 May 2012

Car Nuggets

I've seen Car Nuggets by Patricia Piccinini in a gallery setting before (the first ones were produced more than a decade ago), but these ones are lounging in broad public daylight at the educational institution, Kangan Institute in Melbournes' Docklands. It's a nice fit given that this campus of Kangan has an automotive focus. I do think that the pink-toned concrete that they are set upon is a little distracting, but they are still beautiful items. They also have one of the better Artist Statements you'll read.

Car Nuggets are to cars as chicken nuggets are to chicken. They are the essence of car, all the surface seduction and formal beauty without the guts and bones of the real thing.

I rest my case after sentence number two, but please read on in the image below, or a slightly different version here.