Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ebb, Flow, Rise, Fall

Ebb Flow (2011) is a work by artist Louise Lavarack located on the edge of a constructed wetland on the banks of the Toomuc Creek (near the Henry Road Bridge) in Pakenham. It comprises a grid of painted poles with the words ebb, flow, rise and fall painted onto brightly coloured bands at different heights on the poles. These bands and the colours of the poles create patterns that add an extra dimension to the plays with alignment and perspective you get when moving around and through the grid. The poles themselves bring to mind flood markers, measuring the fluctauating water level of the nearby wetland and creek. But the green tones of the painted poles also create a stylised formal reed bed on steroids. Crouching down allows a view that highlights the height of the poles, but also allows a visual mixing of the ordered vertical grid of poles with the organic verticals of the surrounding vegetation. And as an added bonus, the day PAV visited there were some art-loving Fairy Wrens flitting about.

You can see the construction of the work in time-lapse photography linked in a previous post.