Monday, 10 December 2012

Docklands Commune

It seems that while most of Melbourne has been moaning about how Docklands lacks atmosphere and soul, the people who live and work there have been getting on with life, happy for the unhappy masses to keep away! With the sun shining and lunch hour beckoning, the cafes and parks were bustling. And we happened across 'Commune', a temporary work (due to be removed after 16th December) by Andrew Atchison.

The black steel frame supports a rainbow of colourful dangling rope. The description of the work on the website of the artist ( talks about domestic bead curtains. I can see this retrospectively, but I wasn't drawn to walking through the curtain when I was there. Perhaps it is the 'don't touch the artwork' message that has been drummed into us all since a young age.  My connection with the work had more to do with trying to decode the rainbow colours (childhood wonder at a meteorological phenomenon, a reflection of the colourful facade on a nearby building, or statement of sexuality?), an interest in the use of soft materials in a public artwork (have people been tempted to alter the work through some guerilla plaiting?), and the vertical, angular nature of the work being in tune with the dominant surrounding building forms.